Seven Ideas For Disguises Suggested By Morrissey And The Smiths

Fans of the Smiths are delighted that their record company is offering a new reissued vinyl edition of one of the band's best songs, the title track from The Queen Is Dead album. However, the band's lyricist and lead vocalist, who is known mainly by his last name of Morrissey, has expressed some disfavor about the new record.

Morrissey recently criticized the company's decision to limit the new record to one per customer, according to a June 20, 2017 article by Luke Morgan Britton. The singer is encouraging fans to wear wigs and other disguises in order to purchase multiple copies of the disc.

True fans who want to take advantage of Morrissey's suggestion of disguising themselves need look no further than his own discography for ideas of going incognito. Here are seven possible disguises that can be found in his songs with the Smiths or his subsequent solo work.

Vicar In a Tutu

This title from a song on The Queen Is Dead would require the Smiths fan to borrow attire from a clergyman and also do some shopping at a ballet store.

Charles dressed in his mother's bridal veil

This image from the very song being reissued would not necessarily require obtaining marriage attire from the Royal family, since any old lace face covering would probably suffice.

Bow-Tied Teacher With The Name Tag of Mr. Shankly

The instructor in "Frankly Mr. Shankly" did not necessarily wear a bow tie, but that accessory seems to fit the man despised for writing such rotten poetry on The Queen Is Dead album.

Hairdresser On Fire

Obviously any fan attempting this disguise, based on a song from Morrissey's first solo album, would want to use orange hair dye rather than taking a match to her coif.


You would have to get a pair of loafers and a checked pattern suit to disguise yourself as this title character suggested from Morrissey's Viva Hate album.

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Fake thorns would be recommended for this costume, which serves as the title of another song from The Queen Is Dead.

Joan Of Arc With A Walkman

That old CD player you held on to will come in handy when you don a dress from the Middle Ages, as described in "Big Mouth Strikes Again" from The Queen Is Dead, to make your purchase of another copy of the new reissued single.


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