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Song Demos That Sizzle and Labels and Indie Artists Who Record The Hits

Over the years as a former talent booking agent for the William Morris Agency, working on Grammy nominated productions and having been involved in countless recording sessions, I've been asked this question quite often - "How do I get a hold of great songs and how does so and so get that clear but punchy radio sound?" While not every part of that question can be answered with certainty, because luck and timing do play into the equation on the artistic side, there are some absolutes that we should look at if you are asking a similar question.

First off, clear and punchy radio play is not limited to a few in the industry, nor do big dollars have to spent to obtain it, but there is a cost. You're typically not going to get that sound by recording in your bedroom or basement and then adding some software plugs to loudness maximize the heck out of it - not going to happen. Great sounding song productions are the culmination of great players, great recording technique and g…

Getting Your Song Demoed

So you have a song and believe it's the next big hit. How do you go about getting that song into the right hands? Well before you can even start you need to have a demo of that song. Not just a simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal but an honest to goodness well produced song demo that sounds like it has already been on the radio.

Where do I go? Who can I talk to? How much will it cost? I'm so confused. You are not alone. Knowing who is out there and who to trust can be difficult. But I want you to know that great producers and great studios are waiting for your call and they will treat you with respect and not charge you an arm and a leg to give you the exceptional quality you need.

The first place people often look for a producer/studio is the internet. On the internet you will find a plethora of studios, music companies, people who know people, and you will be even more confused. So how do you cut through all the fluff and get straight to the heart of the matter. As you read thr…

Songs That Sell & Singers That Sing Them

As with any business, finding the specific targeted key is always the adventure when trying to climb to the top. Many fail and fall by the wayside in their attempts to climb the mountain. And many, quite honestly, just stall out without the right talent and management to back up the endeavor. The same holds true in the music business with singers and songwriters. The countless hours that A&R spend trying to find that key song for that new "baby" act is sometimes a relentless task. Oftentimes, the success or ultimate failure of an artist, isn't the talent or in fact having the unique talent, but the songs that will carry their success down radio airplay lane. Without the right ingredients in the CD mixing bowl, you can almost guarantee failure. What makes for a good song? What songs do up and coming acts look for and how do you obtain these songs that almost create magic in the hearts of the listener when even the intro is played? These are great questions, and many h…

Which One Needs Higher Preference - A Microphone or a Voice Amplifier?

Understanding and communication play a very important role in a person's well-being. Everyone has feelings, expressions, and needs that they wish to convey others and share with all others around them. It is a terrible feeling to not be able to express oneself or let others know how they feel in an effective manner. It can easily infest one's mind with sadness, anger, depression, and frustration. There are many people who feel fatigued and low because they have to speak with others all day. Their voice gets weakened and sometimes it is so bad that they are hardly able to whisper. People like these may find difficulty in communicating with their friends and family members over phone calls as well and might be compelled to use speakerphones in place of normal receivers. These are the people who are in dire need of voice amplifiers. Such equipment can really help in amplification of your voice even when you are speaking in a very low tone.

Another scenario where these equipment pr…

Alice Cooper Songs Provide Plenty of Potential Names For Pet Snakes

A dear friend from my childhood recently informed that he just crossed off his bucket list an item that brought back a lot of memories from our teenage years. Nearly thirty years ago on the way home from an Alice Cooper concert in Cincinnati, he told me that he one day wanted to have a pet snake like the boa constrictor that had just shared the stage with our favorite rock star.

My friend now three decades later had sent me a photo of the serpent he planned to purchase, and he told me that he was going to name it Angel in honor of the snake Alice used in his shows. I replied that, even though it was indeed the name given to Cooper's pet back then, I thought Angel was a disappointing moniker for a snake.

Instead, I suggested that he choose a better name, while at the same time still pay homage to Alice Cooper. Here are the list of eight potential names for a snake, all which have some connection to the man who was born Vince Furnier before his rock and roll career took off.

Cold Ethyl

The Ten Best Albums From 1989, The Last Year Of Vinyl Recordings Before Recent Revival

An earthquake postponed the World Series between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. The primary access to the Internet came through something called dial-up, and the main phone contacts were made via land line.

That year, which was 1989, also marked the last time a popular record company made its last vinyl edition. Now, nearly thirty years later, it once again has begun pressing albums on vinyl.

As fans look forward to once again enjoying music made to be played on turntables, we can look back at the best albums released during the year that marked the end of the eighties and of the vinyl record.

Spike by Elvis Costello

After more than ten years of recording excellent albums, Costello finally hit number one on the charts with "Veronica" from this LP.

Oranges and Lemons by XTC

"Mayor of Simpleton" is the most well known hit from this disc, but several other tracks such as "King For a Day" have become fan favorites.

The Miracle by Queen

Freddie Mercur…

These Great Apology Songs Have Nothing To Be Sorry About

For some reason missed an episode of one of my favorite music programs, Sound Opinions from National Public Radio. Fortunately, I was able to revisit the show via the Internet but, after listening to it, I can say that I am literally sorry for not hearing it live.

Sorry was indeed the theme of the episode where the hosts, Chicago music journalists Greg Kot of the Tribune and Jim DeRogatis of the Sun Times, discussed the best apology songs in rock history. Among the most notable they mentioned were "All Apologies" by Nirvana, "I'm Sorry" by Brenda Lee, "So. Central Rain" by REM and "I Apologize" by Husker Du.

Here are some others that could have been added to the already impressive list.

I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford) by Elton John

Plenty of the Rocket Man's tunes can fit this category, especially one like "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word" from the Blue Moves album. This ballad from Rock of the Westies, however,…

Seven Ideas For Disguises Suggested By Morrissey And The Smiths

Fans of the Smiths are delighted that their record company is offering a new reissued vinyl edition of one of the band's best songs, the title track from The Queen Is Dead album. However, the band's lyricist and lead vocalist, who is known mainly by his last name of Morrissey, has expressed some disfavor about the new record.

Morrissey recently criticized the company's decision to limit the new record to one per customer, according to a June 20, 2017 article by Luke Morgan Britton. The singer is encouraging fans to wear wigs and other disguises in order to purchase multiple copies of the disc.

True fans who want to take advantage of Morrissey's suggestion of disguising themselves need look no further than his own discography for ideas of going incognito. Here are seven possible disguises that can be found in his songs with the Smiths or his subsequent solo work.

Vicar In a Tutu

This title from a song on The Queen Is Dead would require the Smiths fan to borrow attir…

Shuffling Dance

Shuffling your feet, a "lazy" form of walking by sliding rather than lifting your feet, became a form of dance around 1989. Although debatable about whether the dance began in Australia or in Britain, it appears to adapt Irish step dancing, with sliding of the feet from toe-to-heel.

Young people of many generations have embraced this form of expressive dance, and today, one commonly sees the shuffle dance performed at dance and rave clubs. Shufflers also dance solo, in public places, where they often capture audio/video of themselves on a cell phone, which they edit and post on YouTube or other social media.

Especially, when the dancer shuffles alone, the dance expresses the performer's interpretation of a song. A song: the gift of words, set to music. The shuffler interprets the meaning of the song by choreographing shuffle foot movements with hip, body, arm, and hand movements, plus facial expression, to craft a personal meaning onto the words and the music. The result, …

Theatre Burlesque Group Solves Clue Board Game Mystery With Seductive Deduction

In a show such as Sweet Tooth Events produces with such a diverse and passionate calibration of talent among the entertainers, the best is always on stage in one portrayal of sensuality or another. In this steamy saga of the 'Clue' board game, the narrator and script fuelled the heated orgasmic suspicion around all the characters and spurred sassy suspense toward wicked wonder and lust quite well.

Mysterious Sexy Performers

The dinner guests were of course the 'colourful' Clue board game personas, but the snooty, uppity class demeanours were converged with the cheeky, provocative flirtatious of the burlesque artists. They brought the suspects to life in a very real, albeit censored way, and hid the gilded murder weapons in places closer to some other family jewels.

Between each act the unobtrusive 'Shylock' detective would step out of the shadows to scrutinize the chalk outline on the floor while calmly puffing away on her pipe. She would contemplate the scene and…

Daniel Snethen Returns Once More


Greenery back raider.

Sea-going fear of lake

furthermore, moderate moving stream.


Flexible neck

on a ripcord,

furthermore, steely-toed paws,

prepared to tear and sever

frog-fragile living creature and fish-fauna.

Decreased crude plastron

of primordial paleontological beginning

with spiked tail

also, leeches hooked onto its carapace,

every one of the a piece of its disguise,

as it stalks its prey

through the filthy bottoms,

camouflaged by all things

terrible and unpleasant.


A kid observed

as the cows went to their draining stanchions.



Ada the Ayrshire,

lastly Maple.

Elder sibling adjusted on a wooden T-stool

pulling at Star's draining handles.

Hints of Holstein drain whispered off the excited metal drain bucket.

Smooth, remaining in the slow down by Star, crunched her ground oats.

Father sat on a feed pail and exhausted Ada's sack.

Ada was Dad's cow: his most loved dairy animals

— and he ruined her.

Felines sat on the soil anim…

Rita Marie Recine Goes to Woodstock

.. 400 - 500 thousand individuals youthful and old and poor consolidated .

The greatest festival in history of adoration, music and harmony – the noteworthy Woodstock Festival, an amazing occasion

they landed in gatherings , with a few companions

a break from this present reality

from north , south, east and west of America

running from the real world

to join their fellowman in all out amicability , party

from om this present reality of mayhem and stress

took a drive to Woodstock to decompress...

bloom kids on the streets

We have to enter the garden of soul, blossoms, harmony and love

the stone and move groups ... played for 3 days

there were many... everything was allowed

Lucy in the sky with precious stones was there.

in the late spring of 1969

All over the place, all over. there was exhaust cloud, mist

individuals settled ... on a log..

some restsed others not... opportunity of choice.... it was those three days or 4

My little girl Bianca has a companion

her name is cristin…

Seven Singing Siblings Who Were Never In Bands Together

Music history is rife with siblings who perform together, even if at some point they have a falling out of two along the way. Fortunately, most of the family acts have avoided publicized inner turmoil, such as the brother-sister tandem of the Carpenters, the brothers in Van Halen, and the Taylor brethren of Duran Duran.

There are also a trio of brothers, the Finns, in the Eighties New Wave Band Split Enz, who has hits like "One Step Ahead" and "I Got You." Making hits around that same time were the sisters of Heart, Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Still in all, any musicians who aspire to form a band with Sis or Bub might want to take cautilon, for there are a number of family groups that have nearly torn each other apart physically or in litigation. The Beach Boys with the Wilson brothers could be the most famous example, along with the highly publicized fights between the Davies siblings in the Kinks or the long standing rivalry of Liam and Noah Gallagher of Oasis.

If such fa…

Playing Bass Guitar By Ear

I started playing music from a very young age. it so happened that I grew up where steel-pan music was heard, or if you took a little stroll very would walk into the steel-pan band room.

What I remembered is that I used to take the galvanize garbage pan cover, held it as if it was a steel-pan and played what I heard was some interesting melodies. I don't think that other could have heard what I was hearing. But I was hearing sounds that maybe was sent to me; I don't really know.

At times I would be call into the band room to play a song with the other steel-pan players, they thought that I did have a good ear for music, and catch the music very fast, and I loved it. I also remembered playing with a friend who played the acoustic guitar, and I another acoustic guitar, but with only four strings. I think I was in training then, and didn't know it.

Even in elementary school I had the privilege to play in the school's steel-pan orchestra.

My ear got better at that time. All th…

Are Music Reviews and Music Press Helpful Tools in Promoting Your New CD Release?

Well, some might say that by asking me, you may be asking the wrong person. As a professional music publicist and music marketing consultant myself for hundreds of successful independent music artists, I can only tell you what I have experienced over the last 27 years plus of doing this for independent musicians. A good music publicist can facilitate interviews for you and get your music reviewed. Its positive impact on your project and career can be more than considerable.

I am writing this article to bring this to the attention of independent artists. Most indie musicians may feel that their music does not stand a chance out there in the sea of hundreds of thousands of independent music releases annually. Unfortunately, with that kind of competition, this is not far from the truth. Most CD releases, without professional promotion, no matter how good, usually get lost or forgotten. However, a good indie music publicist can move your music to the forefront and bring it to the attention…